TB 400 Intake Cleaner

Help prevent increased driving costs and future damage!

Carbon contamination in your vehicle’s induction system is more of an issue than ever. Invest in a preventative maintenance service to help increase your vehicles performance and efficiency.

How does carbon build up in the induction system?

Carbon contamination in the induction system is more of an issue than ever, this is due to a number of factors;

  • Engine design (gasoline direct injection)
  • Extended service intervals
  • Short trip driving cycles
  • High exhaust gas recirculation flow rates
  • Low viscosity engine oils that promote higher oil misting through the PCV system
  • Turbo charging systems

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What are the implications of carbon contamination?

Carbon contamination may eventually lead to drivability issues such as poor engine idle, engine misfires, poor intake valve sealing leading to low compression on cylinders, excessive engine detonation, malfunction indicator lamps (M.I.L) illuminated with various fault codes stored in the engine control unit.

How car you prevent this from happening?

Prostream’s TB 400 induction cleaning system is a preventative maintenance service program designed to effectively clean carbon from all contacting surfaces of the induction system from the throttle valve, to the intake runners, intake ports, inlet valves and also the combustion chamber.

We recommend the induction service every 15,000 km or at each handbook service interval to prevent carbon related issues from arising. This ensures that your vehicle is serviced to the highest standard, the engines tune will be maintained to its maximum potential, improving fuel economy and reducing the chance of an expensive repairs.