Pro 9000 Complete In-tank Fuel System Cleaner

Suitable for all fuel systems including Diesel
Pro 9000 will perform equally well in Diesel and Petrol Fuel Systems including Ethanol and Bio-Diesel blends. Long neck bottle design for easy access to the fuel filler compartment. For best results simply add Pro 9000 to a full tank of fuel every 10,000km’s.



Removes moisture and utilises it in cleaning process

Moisture is present in every fuel system and caused by condensation in the fuel tank. All Fuels contain small amounts of Sulphur Dioxide which reacts with the moisture to create sulphurous acid. Sulphurous acid causes two problem in the fuel system. Firstly corrosion and rust and secondly when burnt through the engine resin & carbon build ups which restrict and block fuel and intake system components. Pro9000 will suspend and remove both water & Sulphurous acid from the fuel system.

Cleans the entire fuel system
In addition to suspending and cleaning water & Sulphurous acid contamination from the fuel and fuel system Pro 9000 is a powerful cleaner to remove resin and carbon deposits from the fuel injectors, inlet manifold, inlet valves, combustion chamber, exhaust valves, oxygen sensors and exhaust systems

Additional Benifits

  • Enhances Ethanol & Biodiesel blended fuels
  • Improves Power, performance and economy & exhaust emissions
  • Lubricates all moving parts within the fuel system
  • Octane booster
  • Greatly Reduces soot build up in Diesel particulate filters
  • Will assist in keeping catalytic convertors clean of contamination

Diesel Fuel Bug
Formulated to kill and protect against algae / bacterial infection within Diesel fuel systems. Bacteria / algae also known as “Diesel Fuel Bug” will form in Diesel fuel systems over time particularly in cold climates. Pro 9000 is specifically formulated to kill this bacterial growth dead in the fuel tank

Workshop Owners & Mechanics
Pro 9000 is a high quality professional fuel treatment designed to be used at regular service intervals of 10,000km. One treatment every 10,000km will keep the fuel system free of moisture & Sulphurous acid which are the two major causes of all fuel system problems. The product will clean, enhance and boost the octane of all fuel blends including Ethanol and Bio-diesel fuels providing a wow factor to your customers. An ideal maintenance solution when used at each service interval.