On Car Throttle / Body & Intake Cleaning Solution

Prostream Throttle Body & Intake Cleaner is a professional service to remove carbon from the Throttle Body, Intake Manifold, Intake Valves, Combustion Chambers, Piston Crowns, Cylinder Head, EGR valves, Oxygen Sensors, Catalytic Converters & Exhaust System.

Prostream On Car Throttle Body and Intake Cleaner is connected using our regulator and S tool kit and dispersed right before the throttle body whist the engine is running.

Performing the prostream intake service periodically, promotes optimum airflow efficiency inside the engines intake system. This ensures the engines fuel economy is maintained, engine idle is improved promoting smooth and efficient engine output.




  • Sensor and Throttle Body Safe for all vehicles
  • Improves drivability and engine smoothness
  • Easy to use, no power or air hookup required
  • Specially designed S-tool hookup compatible with all vehicle and air meter designs
  • Cleans deep inside the intake system and combustion chamber to restore lost power and drivability and improve vehicle emissions.