Pro 1000 Diesel Intake Cleaner

Pro1000 is an industry leading Automotive Diesel intake system cleaner, Pro1000 is an easy and efficient way to remove carbon deposits that build up in diesel induction systems.

Using Pro1000 restores engine performance by removing carbon from the;

  • intake system
  • intake valves
  • EGR valve

The direct result is improvements in the increased ability for the engine to breathe, improvements to fuel economy, engine response, idle stability and a reduction in tail pipe emissions.

The cleaner is sprayed at a regulated rate in front of the throttle body of a diesel engines intake system.



Todays diesel engines have a tendency to suffer from excessive carbon build up in the engines intake system. This is mainly due to higher exhaust gas recirculation rates and lower viscosity oils causing excess oil misting through the positive crankcase ventilation systems. This in turn causes excessive carbon contamination build up inside the intake manifold, intake valves, intake manifold runners and sensors, this carbon restricts the engines ability to breathe causing drivability issues, poor performance higher fuel consumption and excessive tailpipe emissions