Lubegard Complete Automatic Transmission Fluid

LUBEGARD® COMPLETE Full Synthetic ATF is a world-class lubricant formulated for outstanding performance and efficiency in meeting or exceeding OEM repairements for reduced viscosity.


  • World class replacement for synthetic low viscosity ATF
  • Backward compatible to replace DEXRON fluids in older automatic transmissions that call for DEXRON as well as Honda application that call for Z-1 ATF
  • Formulated with LXE Technology to meet OEM requirements for shear stability, long term frictional stability, superior shift quality and anti-shudder properties.
  • Seal-friendly LXE Technology restores seal flexibility and performance to older and high mileage transmissions.
  • Cures sluggish transmission performance on cold mornings.
  • The #1 technology used and endorsed by transmission shops for 30 years now available as a world class service solution for automatic transmissions.
  • Comes in an easy pour 22.7lt cask style container

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LUBEGARD’s unique, proprietary LWE Technology provides superior wear protection with improved frictional and shear stability (high film strength for the life of the fluid).

This unique technology prevents and eliminates torque converter shudder, improves shift quality, and imparts excellent torque carrying capacity for long clutch and component life. LXE Technology is seal and o-ring friendly, ideal for new, older and higher-mileage vehicles.

LUBEGARD® COMPLETE Full Synthetic ATF is recommended for all automatic transmissions that require a fully formulated low viscosity AFT with exceptional performance and uncompromising protection. It is engineered to meet or exceed OEM requirements where lower viscosity is required.