Air Mist Machine

MiST™ is the Solution for Today’s Automotive Service Operation. MiST™ kills mold on contact and prevents new mold growth throughout the vehicles HVAC system and passenger cabin surfaces. MiST™ is an award winning technology aimed at the health of the driver and occupants, not the vehicle.

  • Easy to operate. Any employee can safely operate the system with minimal training.
  • Performance & precision. Amazing performance and outstanding energy efficiency
  • Durable & reliable. Rugged design stands up to to the wear and tear of everyday use.



Low level sensor

Ensures optimal performance and automatically shut-off the machine when fluid is low.

High level sensor

Ensures correct fluid level to optimize misting volume.

Polarity sensor

Protects machine from incorrect attachment to power source avoiding electrical damage to unit.

Energy Efficient

Low current draw prevents any potential issue with vehicle’s electrical system.